Girl Next Door Coed Fucks Outdoors

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Not every teenage girl will let you shoot her having sex but there are a few that love getting fucked in front of the camera. It’s when you find a teenager like this that you need to grab a clip camera and heads to the woods and shoot yourself fucking the sweetheart before she changes her mind. Shay is one of the coeds in my neighborhood that likes to be fucked on camera but she also likes to do a little camping so when i decided to go camping, I decided to give her a call and see if she wanted to come along. I was sure that before the weekend was over I would be fucking her tiny teen cunt and shooting my hot sperm all over her flat teen stomach. I live about 45 minutes from South Park Colorado and the woods around there in the summer are beautiful so decided to take Shay Baxter out and show her a little of South Park. It wasn’t long and I had the tent set up on a hill facing the town and had her nekkid on my sleeping bag and was munching the skinny teenager’s shaved little cunt. At 48 years old, it still amazes me how sweet teen cunt can be and Shay was no exception. Sitting there in the sun having sex with a teenager 30 years younger than I was an immaculate experience that every old man should have – the more often, the better.

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Old Man Having Outdoor Sex With teen amateur Shay Baxter

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Filming My Nasty Sister

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If you had told me a week ago that I would be filming my sister getting fucked I would have called you crazy but after the cunt fucked up my auto, I figured the stupid redhead cunt could earn the money to fix it – and what better way for a brainless cunt to earn some money quick that to fuck the old guy that runs Bring Me Your Sister?

Sexy teen Kissing the old man

My slut-of-a-sister kissing the old man

So here are a few pics from my sister’s first fuck video clip. Click here to see her cry in pain as the old bastard stuffs his huge penis into her shaved cunt. The little cumslut even swallowed the old man’s cum.

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Old man eats teens pussyMy sister loves her cunt-munched

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Poor Bastard Couldn’t Sperm

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Now what kind of guy signs up to be in a smut film and then can’t finish? Well this dumb fucker thought it was cool to have a few shots before the set (pun intended) and then he couldn’t finish. Now I don’t know about you, but if you throw a superlative teenager cunt in front of me, I’m gonna hammer that cunt and spray my hot cream all over her titties – but that’s just me.

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Trent was supposed to catch Abre playing with her vibrator and then fuck her till they both climaxed in unison – or that’s the way it was supposed to work. Abre did a stellar job of sucking the dumb bastards schlong and at least he got it hard (we had to cut out a few minutes where I wasn’t sure). Josie was on camera so the stupid fucker should have forgotten about his nerves and just fucked the little cunt. I know you would have!

Making Their First Porn

Josie did get some pretty hot blow job footage – as Abre gave Trent a pretty damn good sloppy blowjob. She kept the camera close enough that we don’t have to see to much of the drunk fucks face but he kept kicking the camera and then making stupid comments about it. Guess bing a smut star isn’t as simple as he initially thought.

Teen Cock Sucker

But then – I like closeups – and I don’t care if it’s a closeup of a unspoiled blow job or a closeup of some errant coeds little cunt taking a hard schlong on camera for the first time. At least Trent got it hard – but the poor babe was all fucked out and he was still hours away from anything that resembled an orgasm. He did get plenty of fucking in – hammering her little teenager cunt for a good 45 minutes. Josie was getting tired of holding the camera and Abre was getting tired of the stupid fuck on top of her.

Fuck Her Tiny Cunt

It did turn out to be a pretty hot set, thanks in no little part to the to the sexy babes. And if you like to see a unspoiled teenager cunt giving real good felatio – then be sure to check this and all of our first-time amateur girl next door porn out – only at

My Fucking Sister’s Firm Boobs And Shaved Cunt

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My youngest sister is usually a little shy so when she owed me dough for cars repairs (the little cunt wrecked my cars) and couldn’t pay me back, I decided to pimp her little ass out in her first porno video. I had already pimped our middle sister, Holie, but I’m pretty sure Holie never told Anistaija that she had been pimped. Anyway, Anistaija had been sneaking my cars out when I was asleep and this time she wrecked it – and I wanted the dough to repair it. And since the little cunt has no job, I figured she could put her firm tits, round ass, and shaved coed cunt to work to pay me back.

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My cute sister before her first porno video clip.

I know the old fucker that runs Bring Me Your Sister was happy when I showed up on his porch and I was a little excited to see another of my sister’s fucking and even more excited to video it. And I’m not real sure how my youngest sister would handle a whopping hard meat stuffed deep in her shaved coed cunt. So after the old guy told her what was going down, he handed me a camera started in on my sister. He was soon taking her clothes off and playing with her tits – and damn, my sister’s all have marvelous tits, firm and perky like I like them.

The old guy squeezes my little sister's firm titties

The old guy squeezes my little sister’s firm coed tits.

The best part came as I filmed the older guy sliding his hard meat into my sister’s shaved cunt for the first time. I know I’m a little sick but filming porno and filming “sister porn” is my favorite pastime and as long as I have sister’s that piss me off, I’ll be dragging my ass in front of the camera and filming them fucking. If you like sister porno as much as I do, you really need to checkout my friends site:

The old guy gets ready to fuck my sister.

The old guy gets ready to fuck my sister.

This guy has some of the best sister porn on the internet, including this perfect shoot I did of my sister Anistaija – being able to video my sisters for his site was a real turnon for me. I also like checking out the other sisters on his site – I think you will too.

Watching My Little Sister And Friend Be A Hussy

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Watch as this nervous brother gets the surprise of his life when his slutty sister tells him how he’s going to pay her back for the dough that he owes her. I bet he never thought he would be in a strangers home helping his little sister make her first porno… To see more of this kinky sister and her coed friend Join Bring Me Your Sister

Watching My Little Sister And Friend Be A Whore

Watching My Little Sister And Friend Be A Whore

It wasn’t long till the old man had both teens naked on the couch. Bending Veronica Wild over he puts her nice butt in the air and gets ready to slide his fat meat in her dainty pussy… Download Full Movie

Naked On The Couch

Naked On The Couch

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