Chayse Evans

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Let this be a lesson to all of you with friends who leave you stranded and waiting. There’s always the chance that a sex freak like me will seize the chance and spit some game resulting in some bad acts being made available online. Chayse Evans is such a victim and her story is about to get much more interesting. After I drop some knowledge on Chayse it was just a mile or two until we got back to my pad where bad things happen to good babes. I earned her trust by being my sweet self and she could never live with herself if a fuck tape surfaced. I had to remind her that it was for my own use and I was soon skull fucking her until she nearly vomited this morning’s breakfast. She glistened my black rod with her spit which made a nice natural lube for some major cunt pounding. I’m proud to add this vid to my interracial sex collection since this slut could suck and fuck a nigga’s cock like nobody’s business.
Chayse Evans Chayse Evans
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Colorado Teen Cocksuckers

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Who doesn’t like their cock sucked? I sure as hell do and I go out of my way to find Colorado’s best cock suckers. And Violet is way up on my list of prime cock suckers. I shot Violet’s first amateur girl next door porno shoot a year ago and have had the chance to fuck this small Colorado teen a number of times since then – both on and off camera. You can see the latest cock-sucking footage of this misbehaving teen cunt at

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Amateur Teenager Fucks Her Tiny Teenager Cunt

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Jayda showed up at the studio to do a glamor shoot but it appears that the cute coed had other things planned. Sneaking a purple dildo in with her, she soon showed us just how froward she could be. Peeling her purple panties to the side, she flashed her shaved little cunt at the photographer.

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Of course he caught the teenager flashing her tiny teenager cunt on video. The real surprise came when the teenager tramp pulled out a substantial purple dildo and started stuffing it deep in her tiny teenager cunt, sliding the dildo over her swollen clitoris and then slowly pushing it deep into her wet little cunt.

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It got real hot when she got on her knees and poked her firm teenager butt in the air. The purple dildo still sliding in and out of her wet cunt, she showed us jut how deep she likes to be fucked. When she rolled back over and pulled the dildo slowly out, you could see the spunk dripping from her little teenager cunt. Lucky for us, there are plenty of closeups of her little pussy.

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I put a few of the video captures here but to see the entire DVD quality video, you really should check out the website

Two Horny Teens And One Old Man

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This lucky old man is living out every teenage boys fantasy… With two hot girls and one bed you know its going to be a good show as he slides Thena Sky panties over and starts eating her sweet cunt while the two friends make out. To see these very horny teens show the old man that two is always better then one Join Glass Mannequin

Old man and two sexy teen

Old man and two sexy teen

I dont know whats hotter, a fat penis in the blondes pink cunt or Thena Sky getting her cunt munched out.. Well lucky for you the perverts at Glass Mannequin captured both of them at the same time. To see more of this hot three-some Join Glass Mannequin

Sexy Three Some

Sexy Three Some

The old man is never selfish, devouring one teens cunt while the other rides his king-sized penis is one way to keep both of the horny teens happy… Watch the old perv make two teens happy by joining Glass Mannequin

Old man shares

Old man shares

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Angle Cakes First..

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Jayden’s Little Sister owes him massive time. Not only did she loose his $400 phone this perverted tramp stole his boy friend too.So what better way to get pay back on his slutty sister then have Angel Cakes make her first smut ever with the old man in the neighborhood.Too see this Amateur teenager make her first porno join Bring Me Your Sister

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The old prev opens Angel Cakes shaved cunt wide letting her brother get some dirty close ups of his sister tight cunt. To see more of Angel or to see the full vid join Bring Me Your Sister

Old man opens Angles pussy

Old man opens Angles pussy

With her round ass on top you can see her pretty cunt lips squeezing on his hard penis. Loving penis so much i think this horny bimbo forgot she was making her first smut. Making this a must see vid, to see Angel Cakes make her first porno join Bring Me Your Sister

Brothers Close up

Brothers Close up

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